AwesomeTTS for Anki

Easily add text-to-speech to your Anki cards

Contributing to Development

A wide range of people with different needs working with different environments use AwesomeTTS. As such, there are always new features and bugs that can crop up, and you can help AwesomeTTS’s development by reporting problems, making suggestions, writing code, testing new versions, and rating the add-on.

Reporting Bugs and Suggesting New Features

Users can report problems with the add-on and suggest new features by opening a thread on Anki’s add-on support forum. Registration is optional.

Submitting Code and Pull Requests

Ongoing development happens on AwesomeTTS’s GitHub organization. Interested developers can download or clone the source code, make changes, and submit pull requests there.

Support the Projects on which AwesomeTTS Depends

Both Anki and many of the backend text-to-speech services that AwesomeTTS integrates with are themselves free and open-source projects, often carried out by volunteers. Depending on the specific project, you can help by reporting problems, fixing bugs, and donating.