AwesomeTTS for Anki

Easily add text-to-speech to your Anki cards


Ekho is a free and open-source text-to-speech software with support on Windows and Linux.

Ekho has support for Mandarin, Cantonese, Tibetan, and provisionally Korean (Hangul). In addition, some lesser-known dialects are supported: Zhaoan Hakka, a Taiwanese dialect, and Ngangien, a version of Chinese used before the Yuan Dynasty.

Language files are bundled with the Ekho software.

Windows Users

If using the recommended installer package, most Windows users will actually use the Ekho software via the Microsoft Speech API rather than directly through calls to the ekho binary.

Linux Users

On Linux, AwesomeTTS must be able to find the ekho binary in your system $PATH.

Some Linux distributions have packages available, either from official repositories or community-maintained ones (e.g. Ubuntu PPA, Arch User Repository). In addition, the Ekho website also maintains some good Linux installation instructions, including how to compile and install from source.


AwesomeTTS note editor dialog with the Ekho service activated
“Add TTS Audio to Note” dialog with the Ekho service activated

When using Ekho directly, several “delta” options are available that produce altered output that is measured as percentages of the baseline speech playback that Ekho usually produces.

Note that if you are accessing Ekho via the Microsoft Speech API on Windows, then only Speed and Volume will be available.