AwesomeTTS for Anki

Easily add text-to-speech to your Anki cards


AwesomeTTS note editor dialog w/ the SVOX Pico service activated
“Add TTS Audio to Note” dialog with the SVOX Pico service activated

SVOX Pico is a small-footprint text-to-speech engine distributed with the Android operating system, but it can also be run on Linux and other POSIX systems.

Supported languages include:


AwesomeTTS must be able to find the pico2wave binary (or, alternatively, the same binary under the name lt-pico2wave) in your system $PATH.

Some Linux distributions have packages available for SVOX Pico. Debian and Ubuntu users can install it via the libttspico-utils package, and Arch Linux users can find it on the AUR under svox-pico-git.