AwesomeTTS for Anki

Easily add text-to-speech to your Anki cards


AwesomeTTS note editor dialog with the RHVoice service activated
“Add TTS Audio to Note” dialog with the RHVoice service activated

RHVoice is a free and open source speech synthesizer for Russian, Georgian, English, and Esperanto.

Windows Users

If using the installer package, most Windows users will actually use the RHVoice service via the Microsoft Speech API rather than direct access.

Linux Users

On Linux, AwesomeTTS must be able to find the RHVoice-client binary in your system $PATH and be able to discover the list of installed voices. To find the voices, AwesomeTTS will search ~/share/RHVoice/voices, ~/usr/share/RHVoice/voices, /usr/local/share/RHVoice/voices, then finally /usr/share/RHVoice/voices.

Additionally, if the RHVoice service is not already running, AwesomeTTS will try to start it directly by calling RHVoice-service.


When using RHVoice directly, speed, pitch, and volume can be adjusted.

If you are accessing RHVoice via the Microsoft Speech API on Windows, then pitch will not be available.