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OS X Speech Synthesis Manager

The Speech Synthesis Manager, sometimes known as Say (after the say command-line tool), is a built-in interface in Apple’s Mac OS X operating system to allow desktop programs like AwesomeTTS access to voices for text-to-speech playback.

While Mac OS X comes built-in with the ability to use the Speech Synthesis Manager, it usually only ships with one or a small handful of voices. You can make additional voices available in the Speech Synthesis Manager by downloading alternate voices in OS X’s System Preferences. Supported languages include:

AwesomeTTS note editor dialog with the OS X Say service activated
“Add TTS Audio to Note” dialog with the OS X Speech Synthesis service activated

Some additional regional dialects of some languages (Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish) are also available.

Additional voices are also available from third-party vendors.


When using the Speech Synthesis Manager, only the Speed of the voice is available for adjustment.