AwesomeTTS for Anki

Easily add text-to-speech to your Anki cards

Playback and Recording w/ Groups of Service Presets

Once you have at least two , you can put them into a group. Service groups can be used in two modes:

Groups can be used with all generation dialogs in AwesomeTTS, the on-the-fly mode (<tts group="...">...</tts>), as well as the context menu while reviewing.


  1. From the Advanced tab of the AwesomeTTS configuration window, find the “Service Presets and Groups” section and click “Manage Groups”.
  2. Click the green plus button add the top of the dialog to add a new group.
  3. Name your group.
  4. Select either randomized or in-order for your new group.
  5. For each service preset you want to add:
    1. Click the green plus button on the right side of the dialog.
    2. Select the preset from the newly-displayed dropdown.
  6. Save your group by clicking “OK”.
  7. Use your group by either…



mouse hovers the Manage Groups button in the Advanced tab
Accessing the Manage Groups dialog
mouse hovers the add button in the Manage Groups dialog
Adding a new service group
user enters “Random Spanish” as a group name
Naming your new service group
several presets have been entered; mouse hovers OK button
Several service presets entered in group list
“Random Spanish” shown in service dialog dropdown
Locating new group from a service dialog
“Random Spanish” seen in the review context menu
Select text and playback with new group